Monday, August 9, 2010

Sonija Kwok Refuses to Admit She's A 'Remaining Woman' and is Waiting For New Love

Sonija Kwok attended to an opening ceremony of a bakery as guest yesterday. Asked whether she paid attention to Michael Tao, who was her ex-rumored boyfriend, has new rumors? Sonija said: "Didn't pay attention. Won't say too much and reply. (Whether still waiting for new love?) I'm waiting, can't rush. Plus that person hasn't appear yet. Now my career is the most important one. I can't stop working and wait. In fact my requirements are still the same as 10 years ago. But maybe it won't be the same to the one I'm getting married with." Asked whether she worries she is set as "remaining women," Sonija said: "People have their mouths and can say whatever they can. But I think waiting and didn't find one yet doesn't mean you're a 'remaining woman.' You can be happy even when you're single, nothing to concern. (Will open up your love life when you date?) The one you're dating doesn't necessary mean he is the one you're getting married with. Anyways, I will definitely let everyone know when I get married."

Source: Mingpao; ON.CC (picture) / Translation: KAY @


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