Monday, August 23, 2010

Three Months of Thrilling Filming Experience For Jessica Hsuan in 'King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes'

Jessica Hsuan plays a smart emperor's concubine called Chun Fei. Rarely perform in a Qing dynasty-based drama, she jokes wearing this type of tight shoes numbs her toes, she said: "Out of ten toes, eight of them are numb. Plus the headdress is quiet large. When I was trying them out on the first day, it already hit the wall. I really worry accidents might happened in the next three months!"

Jessica's character has a big change in personality after experiencing death. In order to win emperor's attention and love, she fights with the queen's consort (Myolie Wu) a lot. She frankly admits she feels happy when she heard of the cast of <<萬鳳之王>> because those artistes are always on time and would do research before hand. Especially Sunny Chan, who she worked happily with before, is also one of the reasons why she agreed to film this series.

TVB series in production:

<<點解阿SIR係阿SIR>> / "Yes Sir, No Sir"
Starring: Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Ron Ng

<<萬鳳之王>> / "The King of 10 Thousand Phoenixes" (direct translation)
Starring: Myolie Wu, Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Nancy Wu

<<居家兵團>> / "Household Army" (direct translation)
Starring: Ha Yu, Liza Wang, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu

<<女拳>> / "Female Fist" (direct translation)
Starring: John Chiang, Liu Xuan, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma

<<花花世界花家姐>> / "Colorful World of Sister Fa" (direct translation)
Starring: Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Pierre Ngo, Tobey Leung

Source: TVB Weekly / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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hi Kay,

Have u ever thought to translate the clips? I think it's good if you have free time lah :D Plz translate it if you have free time. Thanks so much :D

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