Thursday, September 30, 2010

Andy Lau is a dad-to-be?

Is the heavenly king finally becoming a dad? Recently a magazine reveals Andy Lau's wife Carol Chu is 3-months pregnant. The 44 year old was seen shopping with friends in a loose shirt and her belly appears to be growing. An eyewitness even witnessed she going to see gynecologist in St. Paul Hospital. She was accompanied with a housemaid and two bodyguards. When a kid was running towards her, the bodyguards walked up to her immediately, afraid she will get bumped on the belly. The report says in order to let Carol have a peaceful time while carrying the baby, Andy bought a new house and new car just for her.

According to the recent reports, Andy has yet replied. His management company expresses they won't interfere artistes' personal life. Even Andy's good friend Hacken Lee says he didn't know about the pregnancy, and will go ask Andy when there is a chance.

Just celebrated his 49th birthday, if the rumor is true, this would be the best birthday gift for Andy.

Source: Sudden Weekly / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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