Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bosco Wong Can't Spend Mid-Autumn Festival With Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong, Chrissie Chau, etc attended to a Modizo event. Bosco disclosed he likes to shoot videos and post them online. Asked he ever take pictures of Myolie in bikini before? "She doesn't wear bikini. (Nude swimming?) Not that brave. (Saw Myolie in swimwear before?) It's normal during swimming. Last time we were swimming in Okinawa, but didn't take pictures." He also expressed he will go to Mainland for work and can't spend mid-autumn festival with rumored girlfriend. Asked where is his girlfriend going, he said: "Myolie? Shooting series in TV City. We both have work."

Chrissie exposed she loves making friends online: "I fell love in making friends online. I used my real name and met a guy. He said he plays soccer in England and will come to Hong Kong soon." Asked whether boyfriend would mind, she said: "Didn't tell him about it, later. I know what I'm doing. Friend is friend, boyfriend is boyfriend. Everyone knows I like handsome guys, no one is more handsome than my boyfriend." In addition, she denied attending to dinners hold by rich men.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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