Friday, September 17, 2010

China Dolls Makes Its Comeback With New Look and New Member

Once sold millions records, popular duo China Dolls (中國娃娃) makes its comeback after 3 years! Former member Bell is now replaced by 21-year-old Dan Chun. Along with the member change, member Hwa Hwa changed her name to Wei Yi (惟伊). The new China Dolls also say goodbye to their usual heavy Chinese fashion and now dress with K-pop inspired clothing. They will set Korean group 2ne1 as their example, selecting bold and bright colors to wear. This transformation amazes Wei Yi: "My god! I never was this fashionable before!"

China Dolls released their first album back in 1999 and their song "Girls With Single Eyelids" (單眼皮女孩) became one of their hits. Other singles were also popular hits for holidays. The group's new album <<亮晶晶>> (rough translation: Shiny) is releasing on September 28.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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