Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fahrenheit Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary In the Showbiz

Time sure pass fast! Taiwanese group Fahrenheit was grouped in 2005 and it's their 5th anniversary in the showbiz this year. In order to celebrate this special day, Fahrenheit's record company specially held a celebration ceremony yesterday. All four members from the group: Wu Zun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Aaron Yan biked to celebrate the anniversary with the special theme "Down to earth, work as one."

Asked about their feelings, Wu Zun joked: "Changed a lot these 5 years! I found interest in working behind the scene. I hope I can try screenplay writing in the future." Jiro expressed: "These 5 years is just a beginning. We have to set S.H.E. as our example!" Calvin said: "Really have to thank company for giving a stage for us four, letting us find a balance between our music career and our favorite type of performaning." The youngest member Aaron said: "Everyone knows I'm younger. Thank you to my company and the rest of the members for giving me opinions and advises."

In addition, the hot weather made the four shout "super hot!" and joked: "We look very colorful today! Very youthful and energetic! Although got sweaty after biking, but it's very healthy!" Fahrenheit's new album "Super Hot" is releasing on September 17.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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