Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fala Chen Can Eat 3 McDonald's Sandwiches At Once

Fala Chen attended to a McDonald's event last night. It was the 79th anniversary of the 9.18 Mukden Incident and it was a day Chinese around the world protest against Japan. She used her experience of studying abroad in Japan to talk about Japanese food culture, introducing McDonald's new sandwich Sakana Supreme. But when being interviewed, she changed her position and cleared up, "As a Chinese, should pay attention to anti-Japan protests. Of course I'm on China's side!" Whether afraid netizens would criticize her? "I don't think my event today is related to the 9.18 incident. Just sharing food around the world."

Fala admitted loving to eat fish and can eat a lot; she can eat 3 Sakana Supreme sandwiches at once. She denied enlarging her appetite by eating the buffect in boyfriends company, "It's just I don't get weight, no need to be too strict on food." She expressed she loves cooking at free time. But she didn't do well in making Chinese foods and once made stinky fish. She disclosed she is busy shooting series <<女拳>> (Female Fist, rough translation) and plan to visit parents in the US in October. Asked whether getting married on vacation? "No," she said. She got embarrassed when asked whether it's because she is married already and didn't reply clearly.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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