Friday, September 10, 2010

Karena Lam is Indeed Pregnant and Even Married

Earlier Karena Lam is said that she is in love with a married man, director Steve Yuen, and is harming Yuen's family. She even "disappeared" after attending to a public event in March 18. Then recently someone witnessed her doing pregnancy check ups in a Canadian hospital. Yesterday the "male lead" of the story Steve Yuen Kim Wai finally stood up and accepted an interview, personally explaining his relationship with Karena. He admitted they already get married this year in Canada and she is indeed pregnant. Yuen stressed Karena is not the third wheel in his previous marriage and they started dating after his divorce. The following is the conversation between Yuen and reporter.

Yuen: Y / Reporter: R

Y: I think we must account everything. In fact I feel some reports are inaccurate, especially about my ex-wife. We already divorced for a while. Her personality is very calm and gentle, absolutely not like how magazines reported, and this is something I want to clear up the most, because these reports aren't fair to her. The truth is not like that. Karena is not the third wheel. We're married now and everything is done step by step. Karena and I developed our relationship in a regular procedure. We started dating after I divorced my ex-wife.

R: It's said Karena moved into the same building as you in order to pursue you, and your ex-wife told reporters don't bring up Karena in front of her?

Y: No such thing! It's too exaggerating. Karena and I are very low-profile. We never thought of hiding anything. We just want to be low-profile because there are happy events at home.

R: When did you get married?

Y: This year. We held a wedding in Canada. We didn't do anything extravagant and just had dinner with family and very good friends. Showbiz people didn't participate.

R: Would Karena return to work after giving birth?

Y: Depends on her.

R: Don't you want Karena to take care of the baby?

Y: Of course!

R: Boy or girl?

Y: Don't know yet.

R: Afraid the baby is stingy?

Y: Don't know this type of things.

R: Like boy better or girl better?

Y: Haha! Don't try to make me leak out any more information!

R: Giving birth in November?

Y: Don't want to talk too much about it.

R: Giving birth in Canada?

Y: Yes!

R: How come you aren't accompanying Karena in Canada?

Y: So many things to do in Hong Kong. Many people in her family are taking care of her.

R: Are Karena and the baby in good condition?

Y: Very good! Thanks for you concern.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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