Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unfairness in This Year's Golden Bell Awards?

Not everyone is happy about this year's Golden Bell Awards nominations. While nominees like Show Luo, Rainie Yang, and, Chu Ge Liang are happy that they made into the competition, other people are upset for those who didn't get nominated. Autumn's Concerto, the only idol drama receiving high ratings (peaking 8.23) recently, is one of the surprises. Leads Ady An and Vanness Wu are praised for their performances in the drama but received no nomination. Other idol drama stars like Jerry Yan (Down With Love) and Sonia Sui (The Year of Happiness and Love, P.S. Man) are even voted as stars that should be nominated.

Besides idol drama stars, others feel it's unfair that some veteran actors and hosts aren't one of the nominees. Wu Nian Chen, whose great performance in "The Year of Happiness and Love" is acknowledged by viewers, is not nominated and even beaten by young actor Wu Yun Ching (4 Friends). Xiao S and Kevin Cai Kangyong's Kangxi Lai Le are out from the nomination list.

However, these stars can't just stay disappointed the whole time. "We didn't shoot Autumn's Concerto for Golden Bell Awards, it's for love!," Vanness encourages others. As the winner of "Best Variety Show Host" in 2005, Xiao S replies, "Would be happy if get nominated, it's okay if we didn't."

Source: Chinatimes, Apple Daily, UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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