Monday, October 11, 2010

Ah Sa Refuses to Kiss, William Still in 'Probation Period'

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan publicly admitted their relationship yesterday. The couple were working in Zhengzhou and yesterday returned Hong Kong. Their return is anticipating and attracted more than 50 reporters to come. Wearing sunglasses, Ah Sa appeared with sweet smiles all over her face. Originally refused to be interviewed, they finally agreed to stand still for photographs. William put his arm on Ah Sa's shoulder and some people demand them to hold hands and kiss. Ah Sa backed away immediately and shout: "What?!"

They two answered questions from reporters while walking away. As for for ex-husband Ronald Cheng admits dating someone new, Ah Sa said: "If it's true, I give my blessing to them! (See William as your marriage partner?) You even have to pass a probation period for your job. (Working as a couple?) What? It's better not, it's kinda scary. It's more important to relax and be happy." William expressed there's no need to remove his "love tattoo" with Angelababy. Asked whether he worries she would face more pressure by opening up his relationship with Ah Sa? He said: "I think I'm strong enough to handle pressure. We received many people's blessings these two days. We have to thank many artiste friends. Give your blessing to us, everyone!" Then the couple got on the car and left the airport. Ah Sa first went to the recording studio, then went to the office of EEG. Asked whether Ronald knows about her new love, she said: "Isn't it on the newspaper?" Then she went back home to relax.

In addition, the couple accepted a radio interview on the phone. William frankly said he is feeling nervous and excited: "We have some experiences. Instead of hiding it, it's better to open it up. (Finally sparked up after knowing each other for 7 years?) We have similar personalities. When I'm unhappy, we would chat, and that let us know each other more. I admire Ah Sa and her heart the most. Dang, it's too nauseating!"

Ah Sa admitted it's very hard for her to hide about her marriage. She hopes this time opening it can be more relaxing, and can do regular things on a date like eating out and watching movies. She said: "He changed me a lot. I'm more relaxed, not that stubborn, and won't think too much. (You're older?) We need courage to do many things, it's not related to the age gap. When we're older, we will feel it's more important to be happy."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


They look very happy n sweet :)

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