Friday, October 29, 2010

Kelly Chen: One More Kid & I'm Done!

Pop star Kelly Chen attended to a DHL event yesterday and performed two songs at the vent. She expressed her son Lau Sing started to learn walking lately, so places with sharp corners in the house are stick with protector tapes. Asked whether she has any good news on pregnancy to share, she said she is still waiting but won't rush. Asked whether she envies those who give birth to three kids all at once? She said: "It's tough! Three kids will explode the stomach. If I have three kids, then I really need to quit showbiz to take care of them. Two is fine. My husband takes care of one and I take care of the other. (Whether you would stop having kids after you have a daughter?) Yes, if I'm lucky. But I'm done with just two."

In addition, Kelly disclosed she is discussing about new films. She expressed she can't disclose who is she partnering with right now, but now she can only accept filming three days in the row; she has to say no to weeks filming. However, if she could film in Hong Kong, then she would consider even if it were to film for a year.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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