Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainie Yang Wins 'Best Actress' At the 45th Golden Bell Awards

After Ariel Lin won "Best Actress" with idol drama "They Kiss Again" at the Golden Bell Awards (Taiwanese Emmy) in 2008, another idol, Rainie Yang, was crowned "Best Actress" with idol drama "Hi My Sweetheart" at yesterday's annual awards ceremony. Fellow partner in "Hi My Sweetheart" Show Luo is nominated "Best Actor," but lost to teen actor Wu Cheng Di.

Rainie and Amber Kuo are actually the judges' favorites, but judges believe Ranie had a bigger transformation compared to her usual cute, good girl image (she plays an emo loner in "Hi My Sweetheart"). As for this unexpected honor, Rainie was very nervous and excited at the same time when her name was called. She couldn't say anything at one moment, as she didn't even prepare her thank you speech. "It really is hard to win with idol dramas, hope judges can pay more attention to idol dramas in the future," she said with tears.

This year is the 10th year the 26-year-old is in the showbiz. Besides winning a Golden Bell award, she just finished touring. "I received many gifts this year!," she said. She feels very proud to win with an idol drama, but also feel it's a pity that Show didn't win. "Maybe because I wasn't good enough. We helped each other out. It's a good competition though," she sighed.

In addition, this year's "Best Actor" winner Wu Cheng Di actually won over his competitors with more than half of the votes. Judges point out Show in "Hi My Sweetheart" features his romantic side; Wu depicts realism; veteran actor Chang Chen Guang has a different performance than before; James Wen's acting is between romance and realism. In the end, Wu is picked as the winner for his fresh and burden-less performance.

The 45th Golden Bell Awards Main Winners

Source: NowNews, Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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