Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vanness Wu Thanks God For Cutting Bed Scenes in New Drama

Because of his religion, Vanness Wu always tries to avoid having bed scenes in dramas. Originally he has to shoot a bed scene with Lynn Xiong in Paris for new drama "Material Queen" (拜金女王), but because of cold weather, the bed scene was replaced with an intimate kissing scene, making Vanness relieved. "Really have to thank God," he said.

He broke up with girlfriend Arissa before going to Paris, and yesterday he talked about his feelings the first time. He said his mood is adjusted : "Whether it's love or career, it's the strength from God. I would face both good and bad things." It's rumored his ex found a new boyfriend and the two broke up because of sex. Vanness once again thanked God but avoided the topic.

First time collaborating with Lynn Xiong, Vanness praised she is cute: "Her personality is different than what you think it is by her appearance. She's like a child, easy to get along with." Because Lynn is 179CM tall, when she shoots scenes with Vanness, she would take off her high heels. Vanness joked: "Director wants me to stand on a wood box, but I refused."

Golden Bell awards ceremony is on Friday but because he has to perform in Singapore, Vanness can't attend to the awards. Good friend Chen Hui Lin is competing "Best Director" and female lead of "The Year of Rain," a drama he worked as a producer, is nominated "Best Actress." Vanness expressed his support to them: "Go pick up the award, of course they need to win."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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