Saturday, November 6, 2010

TVB Anniversary Feature: Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh Sze Man (佘詩曼) is definitely one of the most successful TVB "fa-dans" in 2000s.

The actress joined TVB after winning 3rd place in 1997's Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Her first series is Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (1999). But her acting was criticized in the beginning, especially her "little chicken voice" (squeaky voice).

She then spent half of a year to try to remove the "little chicken voice" and kept improving her acting. Her improvement is notable in many series, such as her first role as the lead in Return of the Cuckoo (2000) where she won that year's "My Favorite TV On-screen Couple" with Julian Cheung, Country Spirit (2001), and War and Beauty (2004).

Not only she can play serious roles, she is actually not bad in comedies. Word Twisters' Adventures (2007) with Jordan Chan, You're Hired (2009) with well-known comedian Dayo Wong, and the recent Can't Buy Me Love (2010), she proved her wide-range performance in different series over these years.

In 2006, her acting is acknowledged as she won TV Queen (Best Actress) with series Maiden's Vow, where she played 4 generations of women in the drama. This year her role as 3 Princess in Can't Buy Me Love once again made her one of the top favorites for TV Queen. Charmaine or Sheren this year?

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Really hope charmaine wins this year, shes such a versatile actress. Loved her 3rd princess character!

I think Charmaine will win this year award beased in her great performance in Can't Buy Me Love ,her strongest competitor is Sheran Tang in No regret .

yea def sheren...really is hard to say, maybe tvb should listen to the audience again this time

They both are equally good, hard to decide, eeer No Regrets still not finished, eeer I am going for Charmaine !!

@ar1923: there's gonna be scenes in No Regrets where sheren is addictive to drugs, it def requires some skills to play, so maybe..Sheren huh?? still some weeks to go

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