Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TVB Anniversary Feature: Jessica Hsuan

Believe it or not, Jessica Hester Hsuan (宣萱) has been working for TVB for almost 20 years now.

Discovered by TVB in 1991, the actress rose to fame with her role as Samantha Ching in File of Justice IV (1995). Since then, she has become one of the "fa dans" (TVB A-list actress) in TVB. More of her well-known roles include Michelle in Cold Blood Warm Heart (1996), Siu Fong Fong in Old Time Buddy (1997), Ling Choi Fung in Square Pegs (2002), Ko Hei Man in Just Love (2005), and Carmen in Dicey Business (2006).

She can play different kinds of role: gambler, mad wife, tough woman, etc. She has 3 series out this year: A Pillowcase of Mystery II, Sisters of Pearl, and anniversary series Gun Metal Grey. In Gun Metal Grey, she collaborates with Michael Miu again as his love interest. Another tough woman role she plays, should be easy.

Will she win this year's TV Queen (TVB anniversary awards' Best Actress)? Well, she was 1999's TV Queen, winning the award with series Detective Investigation Files IV [first pic]. No need to win more awards to prove her popularity or secure her place as TVB's "fa dan," her work over these years proved it all already.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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