Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TVB Anniversary Feature: Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong Ho Yin (黃浩然) was a movie person for many years. His handsomeness certainly brought him attention and job opportunities. The actor was discovered by director Johnnie To in late 90s and had a smooth film career since then: Needing You, Wu Yen, Love Undercover, Colour of the Truth, etc.

But in fact, his acting was actually not good, as confirmed by his mentor Johnnie To. The film industry was going down at the same time, causing this movie person to have a decline in jobs. Then he decided to focus on the small screen to improve his acting skills and joined TVB in 2007.

He was fortunate to star in supporting roles when he just joined the big family. But in the first few series, he was still restricted to play handsome guys.

However, his role as Wu 2 Siu in Sweetness in the Salt (2009) made a turning point in his TV career---audience, especially the female audience, were very touched by his role [no spoilers from Kay :P].

Within 3 years, he already has a chance to be one of the leads in TVB series, an opportunity many supporting actors have been waiting for a long time. His lead role as Turbo in When Lanes Merge (2010) is praised by the audience. Now he is filming another series as the lead: The Truth (direct translation from 真相).

Besides playing a handsome guy, he has played other types of roles, like a shy guy who would sweat when he gets nervous in A Watchdog's Tale (2009) and a smart murderer in Mysteries of Love (2010), So, is it time for him to get nominated as "Most Vastly Improved Actor" in this year's anniversary awards?

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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