Monday, November 29, 2010

'Zhong Wu Yen' & 'Endless Love' End With No Breakthrough and Criticism on Wedding Attire

Two Taiwanese drams (Sundays) aired its finales last night---"Zhong Wu Yen" and "Endless Love"---and their average ratings remain mediocre, where the former stays in its usual 2s and the latter jumps a little to the 1s.

Both dramas ended with a happy ending where both couples tied the knot in the end. However, some netizens criticized that they failed to end perfectly. Some think ending of "Zhong Wu Yen" is like that of "My Queen"; some think the episode did not account everyone in the drama.

As for "Endless Love," some viewers complain the last episode keeps on flashing back, joking the audience can finish the drama by watching only episode 15.

Not only the ending plot is criticized, the brides' wedding attire in the finale are disliked by netizens, too. Some netizens make fun of Cheryl Yang's headgear, saying it looks like she is wearing a shower cap.

Although Sandrine Pinna is not criticized for her headgear, but some netizens express the second wedding gown she wears is not as pretty as the first one.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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