Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joyce Cheng Clarifies Her Mom Didn't Use Drugs

Earlier Joyce Cheng exposed her mom Lydian Shum, who passed away two years ago, once used drugs in the past. But when she attended to an event yesterday, she cleared up that it was a misunderstanding and her mom does not have this habit. She said: "It's good everyone is asking me again, I also want to talk about it. I'm really shock to see headlines on the newspaper saying 'Joyce Cheng Exposes Lydian Shum Used Drugs.' I really need to clear this up, she does not have this habit and it never happened. It's a language misunderstanding. I'm very upset by this. (Your originally meaning was?) Don't want to talk about it more because I don't want to create more misunderstanding. I'll try harder to learn Chinese to prevent more misunderstanding. If I hurt anyone, I'm really sorry. Plus I don't want to hurt my mom."

Joyce said she talked to her dad Adam Cheng but did not specially talked about this incident, only asked his hand injury. She said: "He also asks me about my new album. Originally he couldn't come to my press release, but he said he can come now."

As for how she spent Christmas, Joyce said she ate turkey with a bunch of friends and received a calendar with designer shoes on every page. Asked whether boyfriend gave her anything, she said: "I received a handbag earlier, something expensive that I wouldn't want to waste money on, worth about 5-digit."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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