Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raymond Cho to be a Dad Again

Not only Roger Kwok, Raymond Cho is also a dad-to-be!

Reporters contacted the TVB actor yesterday and he admitted his wife is 2-months pregnant. Already have a son, he frankly said it is not unexpected and he is not too nervous this time. He said: "My son doesn't drink that much formulas, now I have to work hard to earn more money. Plus we just moved to a new house, so we have to see if there's any way to earn more."

As for good friend Roger is also welcoming a second child, he said: "Congratulations to him. He already said he wants another child. Now many others are having kids, like Ada Choi, Roger, and Raymond Wong. I'm filming a new series with Raymond soon. We're going to have more things to talk about."

As for Raymond Wong, who announced his wife's pregnancy at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2010, he expressed many people have been telling him baby tips. Asked whether his wife is 3-months pregnant, he said: "Around that time! Due date is probably after Chinese New Year. I'll film a new series soon. Now I'm preparing many things for the baby, like bed and baby bottle."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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