Friday, December 31, 2010

Ron Ng Can't Show Up to Receive TV King Award

Seems Ron Ng does not have to prepare a thank-you speech.

Cable TV in Hong Kong is holding a television awards ceremony "Cable TV 2010 Best Dramas" in January. Winners are viewers voted and TVB actor Ron Ng, who is nominated with Mainland drama "Pretty Maid" (大丫鬟), is in the top 5 of the race for "Best Actor," receiving 47% votes so far.

Voting is closing this coming Thursday (January 6) and it seems Ron is a sure win. However, because he is from TVB, he might not attend to Cable TV's awards ceremony.

Currently filming TVB's upcoming drama <抉宅男女>, Ron is happy to hear that he is nominated but is not sure whether he would attend to the show that night: "You guys don't have to make it complicated. I filmed 'Pretty Maid' in Mainland and it was sold to Cable TV. I'll let my company arrange everything for me."

TVB high executive Virginia Lok expressed they would consider the type of the event then decide whether would arrange Ron to appear.

Even if Ron is not showing up, Cable TV already announced that it would place the award on an empty chair, representing Ron, to present the award to him.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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