Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wayne Lai Says No to 'Rosy Business 3'

TVB's "Rosy Business" and its second installment "No Regrets" received high ratings and good feedback. Although "No Regrets" lost "Best Series" in the TVB Anniversary Awards 2010, but it plans to have a third installment. However, lead Wayne Lai does not agree on it: "I think we should quit while we're ahead. I don't agree on filming a third installment."

It is known producer of these two series Lee Tim Sing once thought of filming three installments: one with a Qing Dynasty background, second with an early republic, then the last with a modern day setting; however, it would be even harder to handle a modern drama.

A celebration dinner was held last night for "No Regrets" and actors (Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Raymond Wong, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu, etc) and behind-the-scene staff all attended. High executives included Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang, and Virginia Lok also attended as well. Virginia said she did not dare to discuss contracts with Wayne and Sheren Tang before the award ceremony to avoid being said they exchange awards by signing long-term contracts; now she hopes to invite them to join with "silver bullets" (lots of money) and sincerity, but she noted: "Sheren has a good relationship with her manager Helen, and Helen is also my good friend. Unless Helen retired and she hands over Sheren to me. As for Wayne, his manager is his wife. Their contract is forever."

Sheren expressed she is a little touched when she heard Virginia said will persuade her with money. She said: "I only film series for TVB now, but I don't want to be trapped. Gau Goo Leung has lots of money!" She expressed she will regard TVB first when thinking about signing long-term contracts.

Source: Oriental Daily & Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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O: i'd LOVE it if they did a modern rosy business !

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