Thursday, April 22, 2010

A-Mei Says Herself: We Broke Up Last Year

Source: UDN/NowNews
Translated by:

 A-Mei's relationship with He Shou Zheng really is over! Yesterday A-Mei was in the airport, ready to take the flight to Kuala Lumpur. She accepted interviews from reporters. When asked is Zheng-Mei romance is really over, she admitted calmly: "Last year around December, we already agreed to separate for while."

A-Mei made her first public appearance in the airport yesterday. She lightly explained the reason of their split: "Shou Zheng and I, agreed in around last December, that maybe we should separate for a while. In fact there are many things and problems that we must deal with. Now we're still good friends, will talk on the phone."

A-Mei admitted that the reason she didn't disclose details was she's always low-key in handling her own relationship: "This time I felt my family and Shou Zheng's family got involved, which isn't that good. So I took this opportunity today to explain to everyone."


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