Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ella Invites Jerry Yan To The Bed

Source: ON.CC/Takungpao
Translated by: KAY

S.H.E held an album signing event in Tsuen Wan yesterday and about thousands of fans came to support. But the girls were late and didn't show up until 45 minutes after. They used Cantonese to greet and comfort fans. During interviewing, the three apologized for being late, but Selina said she didn't feel fans were complaning. They also expressed they would return to Taiwan later and felt disappointed that they couldn't shop.

Ella and Jerry Yan's idol drama "Down With Love" will start to air in Hong Kong soon. Ella said it was hard to film and she hopes this drama would be popular in HK. She also said she can't wait to promote it in Hong Kong along with Jerry. As for earlier Jerry's fans got jealous because Jerry hugged Rainie Yang passionately in her concert, Ella said: "We french kissed in the drama. If he comes to my concert as performing guest, I would prepare a bed and wait for him to come. (Jerry's fans didn't get jealous?) So far, no. All our fans want us to be together and they send blessings to us."

Ella also said she brought boyfriend home to meet her parents before, but she stressed she doesn't have a boyfriend right now. She and Jerry are just friends and she feels they don't have feelings toward each other. Selina said her dad won't admit his daughter will get married and he never wanted to meet her boyfriends. Once she didn't tell her family that she was dating but her dad encountered the couple on the streets.


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