Sunday, August 29, 2010

Twins Can't Forget Lip-syncing Out of Thin Air

Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, and Twins went to show in Macau earlier. Twins' Gillian Chung had a little accident that her mic didn't work all of a sudden. She got another one but it still won't work. In the end, she shared a mic with Charlene Choi and the two sang using one mic, which was a warm moment. Gillian said: "It was scary! Don't know how come there are always some accidents, thank god it was fine in the end." Twins expressed it's not the first time little accidents happened. They disclosed something about the first time they performed in Macau. They weren't popular at that time and Charlene said: "We need to lip-sync out of thin air. We didn't even have a group name. The MC introduced us as "The Most Popular Group in Hong Kong." Even I couldn't help to laugh."

In addition, Alan and Hacken teased Fala, who was the MC of the night. Hacken said: "We asked Fala what's her bottom line, she said doesn't matter. (Talk about Marie Zhuge next time?) No way, who is that? I don't know those things!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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