Friday, October 15, 2010

Raymond Lam Massages Charmaine Sheh's Neck

Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh were shooting for new series "Flower World Flower Sister" last night. Although the former rumored couple doesn't have any intimate scenes in the series, but they're more "intimate" behind the scene. When they were talking about neck pain, Raymond didn't avoid massaging Charmaine's neck. Even Toby Leung, who was shooting her part the same night, teased them: "I won't interrupt them, I know what to do."

Raymond & Charmaine are popular nominees to win TV King & Queen. It's said Fala to level up and challenge the award of TV Queen, Charmaine praised Fala: "She works hard and is someone smart. Her Cantonese isn't that well, so she would memorize scripts with pinyin, and put more effort than other people. (Are you confident?) Talk about it later, don't even know whether I'll be nominated." Toby expressed she would be happy if she's nominated "Most Improved Actress."

As for Charlene Choi opened up her relationship with William Chan, Raymond expressed he didn't notice any signs of her dating someone; he will give his blessings to them.

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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