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2010 Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Music Awards Results

Top 10 Song Awards
Ivana Wong 《開籠雀》
Leo Ku 《義海豪情》
Miriam Yeung 《斗零
Raymond Lam 《直到你找不到我》
Andy Hui 《金鐘罩》
Joey Yung 《破相》
Janice Vidal & JW 《男人信什麼》
Justin Lo 《愛的習慣》
Stephanie Cheng 《K歌之后》
Charlene Choi 《放得低》

Gold Song Gold Award
Janice Vidal & JW 《男人信什麼》

Most Popular Male Singer
Leo Ku

Most Popular Female Singer
Joey Yung

Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer
Raymond Lam

Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer
Miriam Yeung

Most Popular Newcomer
JW (Gold) / Khole Chu (Silver) / Jinny Ng (Bronze)

Most Popular Group
RubberBand (Gold) / HotCha (Silver)  / Benji & Lesley (Bronze)

Most Popular Revised Song Award
Jade Kwan  《重新出發》

Most Popular Duet
Gold: Raymond Lam & Miriam Yeung 《初見》
Silver: Charlene Choi & Raymond Lam 《一直都在》
Bronze: Stephanie Cheng & Linda Chung 《愛得起》

Most Popular Mandarin Song
Gold: Joey Yung 《信今生愛過》
Silver: A.Lin 《以前,以後》
Bronze: Sugar Club 《我最愛糖》

Best Songwriter Singer Award
Hanjin Tan & MC Jin (Gold) / Louise Cheung (Silver) / Jonathan Wong (Bronze)

Best Song Producer Award
Mark Lui 《愛的習慣》

Best Lyrics Award
Chan Sze Wai 《義海豪情》

Best Composition Award
Hanjin Tan 《男人信什麼》

Best Music Arrangement Award
Leung Chi Yum 《周星呢》

Outstanding Performance of the Year
William Chan (Gold) / G.E.M. (Silver) / The Voice singers (Bronze)

Most Popular Commercial Song
Joey Yung 《綠野仙踪》

Newcomer Impact Award
Alfred Hui


Raymond as Asia's most popular singer again? So rigged. Eason won so many awards in other award shows and didn't even win 1 at TVB. I don't even want to watch the show anymore.

Do you not know the the quarrel between TVB and the Big 4 companies? All the Big 4 singers can't attend this show.

Every awards show has their own ways to select the winners and there is always people that are not happy with the results. Since this is a TVB awards show and Raymond is the "biological" son of TVB, it's not surprising that he won this award.

Why can't they hold a yearly show where all the singers of different companies are performing together (just like the Korean music shows at end of the year (Gayo music shows of MBC,KBS and SBS)?

I do know about the quarrel between TVB and the Big 4 companies. I just don't understand why everyone can't put their differences aside and just celebrate HK music and award the people that deserves to be awarded. Raymond being their "son" of course will get an award but don't make it so obvious and give him one of the more prestigious award of the night.

男人信什麼 should not have won Gold Song Gold! Totally sucking up to Leon Lai there.

But so happy that A-lin won an award, not that she needs a TVB silver award but just so that I can see more of her.

Raymond will obviously get the main awards if Eason, Hins, Khalil etc aren't there but I think TVB should just scrap the Asia Pacific award thing as it's no longer relevant for the HK music scene, only Eason Chan has found major music success outside of Hong Kong.

errr..i think the Gold Song Gold Award won by both Janice and JW. Not only Janice alone, right?

I think Raymond deserves the award. He worked hard and despite being called the 'biological' son of TVB, we can't deny the fact that he worked hard to achieve all these and to gain the support of his fans. Wherever he goes now, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or even China, people do know him. So, I think people should accept the fact that he didnt win the awards based on contacts but everything is through hard work and determination. He deserves it.

yeah Janice n JW won the award together.
Raymond....if he doesnt, who else could win that TVB would allow?

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