Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eason Chan the Big Winner, Joey Yung Breaks Record

The 2010 Ultimate Song Chart Awards was held last night and Joey Yung broke the record by winning "Ultimate Female Singer" (Gold) for the 6th time. She thanked the crew of her concert with tears on the stage and expressed that she was touched to read that a music critic changed his thoughts of her after watching her concert. She said: "In the past, some people thought I'm just a singing machine, no emotions were put in. Until they watched my concert, they feel my 'getting stronger after singing more' personality. Really thank their encouragement."

The silver winner and bronze winner of "Ultimate Female Singer" Kay Tse and Miriam Yeung both thanked their husbands on the stage. Miriam said: "Haven't win this award for 3 years. Really didn't think I would win. I'm receiving this bronze award with the feeling that I won the gold award! Thanks to my husband, who accompanied me during my toughest 3 years!" Kay also praised her husband Louis Cheung is handsome!

Eason Chan was the biggest winner last night, winning 5 awards in total. He expressed: "Actually I have the worst voice this year. Don't worry, I won't do things to hurt my voice again!" Winning 5th place in "Ultimate Top 10," he said lyrics from his winning song <陀飛輪> was written by good friend Wyman Wong and the Cantonese lyrics even made the second rich generation in Mainland China feel the same feelings.

RubberBand beat all music kings and queens and took the award of "Supreme Song." They did not forget to thank the keyboardist who left the band and William So, who designed outfits for them.

Leo Ku, the bronze winner of the award "Ultimate Male Singer," gave his speech using lyrics from his song <時代>: "In the lyrics 'The generation made the sky fall, feeling happy,' hope everyone can use a happy and sunny heart to change the storming sky!"

Full list of winners HERE

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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