Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ella Chen Refuses to Kiss Daddy

It seems Ella doesn't like to interact that closely with her dad.

Ella brought her dad to a year-end party held by A-Mei's manager last night. The two proposed a toast to staff from the company and drank a lot. They didn't stay too late, leaving already at 10:30PM.

Reporters were waiting outside for them and asked Ella when she felt a little drunk. She skipped the question and generously introduced the man next to her was her dad.

Reporters then joked whether the S.H.E member could kiss her dad, and that totally surprised her. She was scared and tried to run away, but her dad, who lost his right arm at an accident many years ago, pulled her back and tried to kiss her on the mouth. Knowing she couldn't escape being kissed, she embarrassingly turned her face, only allowed her dad's lips on her face.

This simple family kiss of course didn't satisfied reporters. They even "complained" the two didn't french kiss.

Ella later explained why she felt awkward at that moment, even expose she does have something close interaction with her dad.

"I would feel embarrassed when I'm being photographed by many people. Otherwise, I actually love touching my dad's big belly in general."

Source: Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Watch the video (starts at 0:31):


A dad kissing his daughter in the mouth is WRONG. It's not proper.

Ella, you did the right thing. And reporters, shame on you for asking them to french kiss, where are your morals?????

Kay, there is a bug in the system,lately we can't add in an open ID, only anonymous.
It said: URL contains illegal characters.
But my ID 'Good kisser' is not illegal. Posted on the same ID before.

Dear Kay, happy Chinese new year to you. Take a break this week, you deserved a good rest for bringing us all these good entertainment news. So nice of you.

Gong xi, gong xi, :)

Good kisser

Kay, I made a mistake in first post. I found that I can use my ID, it is under 'Name/URL' not 'Open ID'

My error, sorry.

Happy new year to all of Kay's readers, support her. Jia you!

awww thankyou!!!! really thankyou!!! super appreciate ur support, taking a break...prolly on my birthday, its more significant haa!! we'll see XD as for the id thing, i cant even comment on the web some how lol, i will see how to make it more convenient

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