Monday, January 17, 2011

'Love Buffet' Finally #1 on Ratings Chart

The number 1 spot of Sunday's Taiwanese idol drama finally changed.

TTV/SETTV's Sundays idol dramas have been dominating the number 1 spot the past year. Although rating numbers have been declining, but their dramas remain at the top of the chart. Current TTV/SETTV idol drama "Channel-X" starring Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo has not been doing well, scoring the highest rating of 1.50 only. FTV/GTV's "Love Buffet" enters the rating battle and has been trying to attract the audience with its Japanese-style romantic story.

The drama finally won over "Channel-X" yesterday, possibly thanks to Calvin Chen's bathing scene. Its average rating was 1.04, winning just a little over "Channel-X" (1.02). Although it is not a great number compared to back then, it is still a good news to fans of "Love Buffet."

Leads of "Love Buffet" Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen are very happy to hear their drama is number 1 on the ratings chart. Now the drama is ratings winner, fans did not forget Calvin once made a promise that if his drama is ratings winner, he would dine with his first love and let everyone take photos of them. However, now Calvin is definitely disappointing his fans.

"That only applies to if the drama is national ratings winner!," he said.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Omg, I love love buffet and especially calvin chen.

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