Sunday, January 16, 2011

Raymond Lam Feels Guilty Winning Asia-Pacific Most Popular Again

Winning awards is a good news to his fans, but Raymond Lam is feeling guilty about it.

The singer was criticized for winning Asia-Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Singer at last year's Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards. He won this award again last night, and it was definitely a surprise for him.

"I never thought I'm able win this again," he said, "There must be different voices out there about me winning this award, but I will try harder to make everyone acknowledge me."

The TVB artist feels guilty winning this award because he hasn't released a Mandarin album yet. He felt the same last year and that's why he keeps the award inside a box, afraid to put it out. But he would bring it out soon.

"I will release a Mandarin album in March, focusing at the Southeast Asia market," he disclosed, "Then I would bring last year's award out."

Source: Oriental Daily, Singtao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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