Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Theresa Fu Admits Dated Him Law, Now Split

A sweet young couple now part their ways bitterly.

Theresa Fu and Him Law sparked romance last year and started dating around March. During their time together, they would openly praise each other and attend to functions as a couple.

However, their relationship seems to have ended when Theresa hinted Him is a big liar last month. It was said Him actually has a girlfriend from Beijing, making him dating two girls at the same time. 

Theresa attended to a New Year function yesterday and talked about her relationship with Him again. She was upset that people pointed she was just trying to promote her new album at that time.

"A girl already got hurt from a relationship, now even said she just wants to be on the news? You guys said I wronged Him Law, why don't you go ask him?," she said. "If he didn't do it, then admit it! I keep telling the truth, but everyone is doubting me!"

Although they have spotted going on dates and going to each other's homes, Theresa and Him never admitted they were dating. Yesterday Theresa confirmed her relationship with Him, although not directly.

"Everyone already guessed it right, no need for me to say," she said. "It's over already."

The former Cookies member even described this incident using the story 'Little Red Riding Hood.'

"This is just like 'Little Red Riding Hood.' It won't happen again."

As for the "big liar" Him, he attended to the shooting practice for new drama "Flying Tigers" yesterday. Talking about his relationship with Theresa, he denied spending the night at her house but won't directly admit his past relationship like his ex did.

"Don't talk about this, let's talk about work," the TVB actor said.

Source: Singtao, Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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