Monday, February 7, 2011

Charmaine Sheh: It's Hard to Be the Lead

Charmaine Sheh is being nominated 'Best Actress' TV queen in recent years. Winning the title her first time in 2006, but she lost to "rival" Sheren Tang the past 2 years. Rumors said the actress is unsatisfied with the result, and intends to leave and focus in the Mainland market. But of course, she denies these rumors.

"In fact, winning or losing is not the most important. 'Can't Buy Me Love' and 'No Regrets' have different genres. I'm very happy both dramas did well. It's a double win. I think the most competitive race for TV Queen was in 2004. Three of us from 'War and Beauty' were in the top 5 nominations. I'm more relaxed every year. To be honest, it's already great to be in the top 5, it proved I'm able to compete."

Starred in many dramas as the lead, Charmaine's role as Chiu Yeung Princess is one of her favorite roles.

"I rarely stared in comedies. I was afraid when I read the scripts in the beginning. This girl is annoying, always causing troubles! I was working on 'When Heaven Burns' at the same time, so I didn't have much time to analyze the character. I'm glad everyone like her at the end, letting viewers see the other side of me. It's very happy to film comedies. Chemistry between actors is important, and I think we're a perfect combo in the drama."

Charmaine entered the showbiz after winning Miss Hong Kong second runner-up in 1997. Her acting and voice were criticized in the beginning, but she caught up after working hard, big thanks to TVB's Catherine Tsang.

"She always say this to me: 'You're so ugly, fix it up!' She keeps pushing me. I didn't know how to act before, but she never gave up on me. She keeps giving me opportunities, and I tried my best to change. I remember asking Felix Wong when we filmed together in 2001: 'How can I do better, just like you?' He said act more and you would get better. You get what you work for."

"I never went to TVB's acting class. I was a plain white paper after participating in Miss HK. I'm like a sponge, absorbing and learning others' good points, then getting more confident gradually and finally found my way. I would spend a lot of time preparing and studying my character. Like in 'When Heaven Burns,' I kept thinking how my boyfriend got killed and my unhappy past the month before filming."

Charmaine appeared to be tired during the interview. In fact, she has been filming nonstop the past year---she filmed 170 episodes of TV drama in total. She said she really wants to take a break and go on a vacation soon. Doesn't even have time to rest, of course she doesn't have time to date. Although her grandma often urges her to get married soon, but the TVB actress still haven't found her Mr. Right.

"You can't go quick on this. I think it's all fated. Now I won't purposely make it happen. Plus, if I have a boyfriend now, I don't even have time to be with him. I would feel very sorry for him."

Haven't find a Mr. Right in real life, Charmaine already had many rumors with her fellow TVB colleagues, like Moses Chan and Raymond Lam recently. She is tired of even explaining them.

"Many are so made up. They're just writing them for fun. It just happens to every guy I work with. I would answer when they ask me. I don't know what they would write about. I worked with Moses before, but it wasn't last year they finally wrote about us."

Although she is not doing well on her love life, but definitely well on investment. Earlier she earned nearly 9.0 million after selling a "feng shui" house. She is very happy about it.

"I'm happy when I look at my deposits. I would save what I earned. I don't know stocks well, so I only invest on properties. I would go for a new place when the price drops."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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