Saturday, February 26, 2011

Isabella Leong & Richard Li Split

When everyone thought she will become part of the Li family soon, Isabella Leong's recent statement definitely surprised a lot of people.

The actress released a statement today to the media, announcing her break up with 44-year-old Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li:

"In the beginning of a new year, I wish you all every success. Now in 2011, I will be in a new stage in life. I broke up with Mr. Li. We once had a happy time together. We will raise our children together. It's our goal to let them grow happily and with good health. Hope this statement can end outsiders' endless guesses on our relationship."

Leong's manager Michelle Lo confirmed the break-up and expressed they won't hold a press conference on this matter.

Leong stepped into the showbiz when she was still a tween. She became a popular starlet in 2005 and starred in several films of the year, including "Isabella," where she earned Directors' Week Award-Best Actress at the 27th Porto International Film Festival.

But she decided to just be a regular when she met then boyfriend Richard Li. She gave birth to a son at age 21, and gave birth to twin sons last year in San Fransisco. She spent most of her time with her sons and rarely make public appearances.

Recently it was reported Li's father Li Ka-shing, who is among the top 20 richest people in the world, finally approved the two's relationship and ready to arrange her back to live in Hong Kong. Now Leong has announced her split with Li, things definitely changed.

Leong's manager expressed Leong never announce leaving the showbiz. As for when would she make her comeback, that is not an important thing she is considering now.

Source: Sina / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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