Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cyndi Wang Diagnosed With Facial Cellulitis

Health alarm rings for Cyndi Wang.

Currently filming new drama with Mike He, Cyndi Wang is diagnosed with facial cellulitis. Areas from her right chin to up between her eye brows, including lips and nose, are swollen and they feel like burning. She is being treated in the hospital now and must rest for at least 1-2 weeks to recover.

The idol drama star was supposed to finish last day shooting for upcoming drama <美樂,加油> last Saturday. Now she is in the hospital, not only the drama is facing a delay in production, work for her new album is temporarily put on hold.

It's known the actress discovered a cut above her lip, but covered it with concealer to continue drama shooting. Due to poor immune system she has, plus the mistreated cut, it triggered bacteria infection on her face.

It's not the first time the 28-year-old faced health condition while at work. When she was filming "Momo Love", her period stopped coming due to stress. This time getting sick again, she feels very sorry to the crew.

"I'm very sorry," she said on the bed. "Because I didn't take care my body well, that's why it delayed everything."

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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