Sunday, March 6, 2011

Michele Reis Reveals Pic of Baby Son

Michele Reis' son definitely inherited the good genes from his mom.

A month after giving birth to son Jayden Max (JM), the Miss Hong Kong released a photo of her baby son through her company. The photo shows JM when he was just born (left) and JM now (right). Having big eyes and double eyelids, netizens praised this little guy is going to be a handsome man when he is a grown up.

Reis' manager expressed little JM is really cute and looks like both parents at different angles.

"He looks like his dad Julian Hui when he is sleeping, but looks like his pretty mom when he opens his eyes."

Reis herself also have good genes when it comes to slimming down after giving birth. From the photo she posted of herself recently, she looks stunning for a woman who just gave birth. Her arms and legs are so slim and actually didn't look like she was pregnant. Her secret diet? Still have to wait for her to publish it!

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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