Thursday, March 24, 2011

TVB's 'Mr. Y' Has AIDS?! TVB Artists Don't Believe It

Is this another made-up rumor, or...

The latest cover of a gossip magazine is about a bisexual TVB artist diagnosed with AIDS. The magazine coded him as "Mr. Y", describing his appearance as attractive and is currently one of the popular leading actors in TVB. "Mr. Y" filmed many popular television dramas and some movies with good box office. He is also a singer and has expanded his market to Mainland China in recent years.

Other TVB artists all expressed they have not heard about one of their fellow colleagues is an HIV victim. It's also said other actresses are fear to film kissing scenes with him. Now one of the popular TVB actresses, Fala Chen expressed she didn't heard of the rumor and even if Mr. Y exists, she is not worried.

"You won't get the virus from kissing," she said. "Know some common knowledge."

Kenneth Ma feels fortunate that he is not mistaken as Mr. Y, but he is interested in knowing Mr. Y's identity.

"I also want to gossip about who is Mr. Y," he joked. "I never got rejected when filming kissing scenes. Maybe I have a good reputation."

The "Grace Under Fire" star even said he wants to be Mr. Y so he could be in the news.

"Too bad it's not described like me, otherwise I would admit it. I could be in the news and promote my drama."

Linda Chung also doesn't believe the rumor and expressed she doesn't know any bisexual male artist.

"Maybe it's another fake news, pure gossip," she said. "Even if he is bisexual, there is no problem in working together."

Source: ON.CC, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: ..............FAKE? What do you say?]


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