Friday, April 1, 2011

Cecilia Cheung Speaks Up About Car Accident

Cecilia C. was stunned at the scene
Time to clear up everything.

Cecilia Cheung hit a 66-year-old man while driving a few days ago. Things are properly handled, as she took the alcohol breathing test and and the injured old man is sent to the hospital. However, some media decided to make this incident big by accusing Cecilia for leaving the man behind.

Old man being sent to the hospital
The actress is hurt and she made a television appearance recently to clear up the reports. Because the case is currently being investigated by the police, she couldn't disclose too much information on it, but expressed she is prepared to be the center of the attention.

"I know it would happen," she said. "If they want to report it for sales, I can't stop them. But I just hope they can give some personal space to the man so he can recover quickly."

The 30-year-old expressed she understands the injured man's concerns about fees, because she was once injured from a car accident before.

"I was still a newcomer back then. I had to rest at the hospital after I got injured from a car performance. I understand him, so he and his family don't have to worry. I hope he can be treated in the most comfortable and stress-free environment as possible."

As for her negative reports, Cecilia dropped tears and said she is hurt. However, she doesn't mind what others think about her; as long as she knows what she is doing.

Coincidentally, her husband Nicholas Tse was once involved in a car incident. He crashed his Ferrari in 2002 and asked others to cover for him. He served 240 hours of community service in the end as punishment.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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