Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 TVB 44th Anniversary Awards

Another year! This year's anniversary awards will be held NEXT MONDAY (December 5, 2011) and YES, I will be updating the results immediately like old times! Stay tuned :D

But for now, why don't we make predictions on the winners? Basically EVERYONE from EVERY DRAMA is nominated, AS ALWAYS. But obviously, we have popular favorites so let's look into that.

Best Actor
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) vs. Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission, Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3), Steven Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)

Sorry to 2-time TV king Wayne Lai, but this year's competition is between "Law Ba" and "Laughing Gor". Very tough to say...but I'm for Kevin.

Best Actress
Myolie Wu (The Curse of the Royal Harem) vs. Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3), Jessica Hsuan (Curse of the Royal Harem), Liza Wang (Home Troopers)

Everyone just keeps congratulating Myolie Wu right now. But tbh I seriously don't think she did well enough in this drama to crown TV queen. She is improved, but winning with this drama? Hmm...

My Favorite Male Character
Michael Tse (Lives of Omission) vs. Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) vs. Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)

Usually whoever doesn't get TV king, TVB comforts you with this award.

My Favorite Female Character
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir) vs. Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice) vs. Fala Chan (Lives of Omission)

Linda Chung's "Miss Koo" was definitely one of the characters of the year. I didn't watch the series but the general rule is, if the media is for you, you are most likely to get the award. Then if Fala didn't win TV Queen, she gets this "pork award".

Best Supporting Actor
Ben Wong (Lives of Omission) vs. Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Cheung Kwok Keung (The Life and Times of a Sentinel), Patrick Tang (7 Days in Life)

Everyone is basically up for "Lak Geun Gor" right now. The possible opponent I can think of is Sam Lee.

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice) vs. Nancy Wu (Forensic Heroes 3)

Possibly in the top 5 nomination: Elena Kong (Lives of Omission), Aimee Chan (The Other Truth), Gigi Wong (Curse of the Royal Harem

Sharon Chan did so well in "Ghetto Justice" that I think she would definitely win something this year! Nancy didn't have a big part in FH3 but she did a good job still. Impressed.

Most Improved Actor
MC Jin vs. King Kong vs. Jazz Lam

I feel like TVB would favor MC Jin a little. King Kong and Jazz Lam were also last year's nominees for the same category. Jazz definitely has lots of potentials.

Most Improved Actress
Cilla Lok vs. Mandy Wong

Cilla received lots of attention after she starred in "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir." But personally I think Mandy performs a little better, as she can play different roles while Cilla is generally restricted as a young teen.

Best Drama
Ghetto Justice vs. Forensic Heroes 3 vs. Lives of Omission vs. The Other Truth

Popular series vs. Anniversary series! What do you think?


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