Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Winners

Here's the list of winners in the 44th TVB Anniversary Awards. Congratulations to everyone!

Best Drama
'Lives of Omission'

Best Actor
Kevin Cheng ('Ghetto Justice')

Best Actress
Myolie Wu ('Curse of the Royal Harem')

Best Supporting Actor
Ben Wong ('Lives of Omission')

Best Supporting Actress
Sharon Chan ('Ghetto Justice')

My Favorite Male TV Character
Kevin Cheng (as Law Ba in 'Ghetto Justice')

My Favorite Female TV Character
Myolie Wu (as Wong Si Fu in 'Ghetto Justice')

Most Improved Actor
MC Jin

Most Improved Actress
Sire Ma

Best Television Program Host
Edmond So, Calvin Choy, Remus Choy - 'All Star Glam Exam'

Best Variety/Informative Show
'Water of Life'

Most Enjoyable Program
'HK Back Then'

Life Achievement Award
Lee Heung Kam

TVB.COM Popular Artiste
Kevin Cheng

Extraordinary Glamorous Male and Female (temporarily added award)
Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu


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