Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sharon Chan & Ben Wong Are Confident in Winning

Sharon Chan and Ben Wong are possible winners in the 2011 TVB anniversary awards' "Best Supporting Actors" category. They both expressed that they are confident in bringing the award home.

Sharon is confident in herself: "My role as 'Hot Legs Queen' is very prominent. The look of long hair, short skirt, and long legs brought me many job opportunities." However, the actress thinks she still didn't do good enough: "I don't think I'm performing or handling characters well enough. You need life experiences to act. I had lots of experiences these years. My dad passed away in 2003, then I got injured last year, etc. These experiences can help me perform better." She expressed if she wins the award, she will present it in front of her dad's grave.

First time being nominated in the anniversary award, Ben believes his role as an undercover is very sharp: "The role doesn't have much scenes, but it's someone rare that you don't see often." Asked whether he feels its late for him to be nominated, he said: "You can't control. I'm glad I never gave up." The actor also thanked Catherine Tseng for asking him to star in "A Kindred Spirit," then producer Lee Tim Sing and the producers of "Lives of Omission."

In addition, Nancy Wu, who is also a nominee of "Best Supporting Actress," expressed she is happy of whoever win the award: "I didn't even think I would receive a nomination. This is an acknowledgement."

Translation: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: Oriental Daily


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