Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bosco & Myolie Breaks Up After 8 Years!

After dating each other for 8 years, the glam TVB couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu ended their sweet relationship.

Myolie confirmed the break-up today during a radio interview. She explained the break-up is mutual and it happened in peace. She said she thought of fixing the relationship, but still failed.

"We ended it several months ago," she said with tears. "I can't speak for him now, but there is no third party involved."

In fact, after Myolie was crowned TV queen last year, the couple has been facing relationship problems.

On the other hand, Bosco is very upset about the break-up. But he painfully accepted it.

"I wanted to continue, but it's fated...Maybe it's my character. I don't talk much at home, so there is no communication in the end."

TVB executive Virginia Lok expressed Bosco was crying on the phone and he said will wait for Myolie.

"Bosco always wanted to get married," she said.

Myolie will explain more about the break-up later today.

By: Kay @ Kay's Entertainment


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