Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stephy Tang despises Theresa Fu publicizing relationship on purpose

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong attended to a function two nights ago. As for her sworn enemy, Theresa Fu, is rumored to be with Lollipop's Owodog, Stephy said disdainfully, "Don't know who is Owodog! But I do know they became closer from filming." (Theresa's successful in both relationship and career?) "Congratulations then, if it's true." (Will wish her the best?) If she's happy, of course I will wish her the best." She expressed she won't openly announce relationship purposely: "It will be sad to deny marriage." Alex Fong said, "Only rumors. She has many secrets, it's best to know less." Stephy also denied being pursue after by a "four-eyed" man, "Don't want to ruin someone's family!" In addition, Theresa and Owodog renewed their blogs yesterday, sighing many things are twisted. Owodog's manager cleared up when Theresa was in Taiwan, Owodog was promoting in Beijing.

[ by K@PA]


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