Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobby Au-Yeung counter-complains: he aimed at me!

Oriental Daily received a complaint accusing Bobby Au-Yeung having an argument for a parking problem in Central's parking lot, straightly pointed out Bobby, as a public figure, had bad manners. On the other hand, Bobby said one refused to accommodate, seems like he was aimed for his artiste status.

A reader of Oriental Daily complained through the phone, saying he saw Bobby drove to park in the the parking lot in Central. Because there weren't enough parking spaces, so the car park attendant asked Bobby to drive off. However, Bobby requested to put away the cones to let him wait. Since parking will block the crossing, the attendant refused Bobby's request.

The reader also said seeing Bobby pointed his finger at the attendant and yelled at him, really bad manners. Two policemen arrived later, required the attendant to put away the cone. When Bobby returned, he looked at the attendant arrogantly, it's so different compare to his usual righteous image on TV. The reader said, "As a public figure, he shouldn't act like that, seems like he's going to kill someone! He looks positive on the screen usually, can't believe this is how he is in real life!"

Reporter called Bobby, he said, "Then did he talk about how he was wrong and had bad manners at first? I didn't use any foul language. In fact I just hoped to make a little exception at that time, let me wait outside the parking lot, then let me in when other cars leave, because it will take half an hour if I drive away and come back. He refused and also told me to leave. But a car exited within 3 seconds, and he let another car in. Ask yourself, wouldn't you be angry? I'm just really mad at this. I feel like he aimed at me just because I'm a public figure." (Was it you that asked the police to come?) No! In fact he thought I informed against him, so he did the same thing back to me." (Then did you look at him arrogantly when you were in?) I didn't even look at him!"

[Oriental Daily/translated by K@PA]


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