Friday, October 23, 2009

Stephy Tang has bad English, brags to break into Hollywood

Since sworn enemy Theresa Fu and Miki Yeung left Gold Typhoon, Stephy, who finally leveled up and became the "yat jei" of the company, has been in a very good mood. After flirtatiously having a birthday party lately and self-exposed relationship, yesterday, along with good sister Kary Ng and junior Siu Fei, attended to TVB's "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary 2009" press conference. Also with the appearance of Eason Chan, G.E.M, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, and Elaine Kong, etc. But the spotlight was stolen by Freeze, who appeared with low-cuts. The three of them also successfully sneaked in and stood next to DoDo Carol Cheng, even Eason was forced to stand in the last role!

Although didn't stand at the best spot, but Stephy, standing on the second role, seemed to be very flirtatious yesterday. When accepting an interview along with Kary, it was a quite enjoyable conversation. Even when asked about lately, netizens pointed out her English grammar in her reply to thank sponsors, "I am very thanks them." is even worse than those of elementary students, she wasn't mad at all but said with a laugh, "This is not something recent. I won't be upset because of it. I'll treat this kind of news as stories."

Asked whether she accepts well-meaning criticism, Stephy relaxingly said, "I didin't see it, so I won't care. The reporter interviewed me suddenly that I didn't know how to respond. English is not my native language. I hope to improve. My goal is to break into Hollywood!" After she said this, even Kary chuckled and couldn't help laughing. Seemed like she felt Stephy has a praiseworthy spirit, Kary put her arm on Stephy's shoulders and said, "I admire you!" Stephy was very confident still and added, "Yeah! One must have goals. Even need to improve Mandarin when doing stage shows in Mainland, not to mention English is an international language!" Obviously she aims highly.

Besides confident in languages, Stephy is also confident in her body. Talked about gorgeous is the theme of "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary 2009", she said don't mind being sexy, "I don't mind being sexy, it matter whether it's pretty or not. Most importantly, it has to be elegant!" She will duet with rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong. In addition, Kary, who will duet with Eason Chan, said, "I really like to listen to the four heavenly kings when I was young. I like everyone of them and I know their songs very well!" As for this year's "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" lacks superstar-level singers, Manager of TVB's variety and music department, Chan Ka Yeung, said they once reached Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, George Lam, etc, too bad it's hard to schedule.

[ by K@PA]


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