Saturday, October 24, 2009

Theresa Fu shows off English to look down on Stephy

Stephy's "I am very thanks them" became netizens' mockery. She lately said will improve English to enter Hollywood, even made Kary Ng, who was standing next to her, laughed out loud. Coincidentally, Stephy's sworn enemy Theresa Fu recently updated an all English article on her blog. She rarely uses English to write blogs and she wrote, "I believe happy days are here again... Just keep smiling... Life has its ups and downs... No matter what happened... Try to live it well..." She even uploaded cheerful photos to show off happiness. The grammar goes quite smoothly and has no grammatical mistakes. Seems obvious that she is showing off to everyone that her English is better than Stephy's.

In addition, after replying the rumor between her and Owodog in Mandarin with the use of Taiwanese trendy expressions, Theresa titled her blog with a Japanese title, showing off her language skills. Seems like Stephy really needs to improve and learn some other languages in order to fight back.

[Oriental Daily & The Sun, K]


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