Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TWINS will get together again after 2 years

Haven't appeared together for a long time, TWINS appeared together the first time in the event of "英皇盛勢群星大合照". Asked does it mean the two will get back together again soon? Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) expressed their work is arranged to the middle of next year. They must finish their individual work first, then will get back together at the right time. Manager Mani Fok said the comeback of TWINS will have to wait until their 10th year anniversary the fastest, which means 2011. Ah Sa said, "Have to wait for the right time, our company doesn't want us to die, No no! Shouldn't say this kind of things."

As the event yesterday was held in Repulse Bay, Ah Sa's rumored boyfriend Ronald Cheng lives around the area as well. Asked whether she's specially familiar with Repulse Bay, she said with a laugh, "Super not familiar. Actually I grow up in the southern district, go to Repulse Bay often." (Where does Mr. Cheng live?) You talking about the beach? I'm nearsighted, I can't see." (Is the work today rather convenient, just pass a bay and here you are?) I always live in the north."

In addition, Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) yesterday denied the report of a slimming company invited her to be the spokesperson of breast augmentation. Asked whether will accept breast implants for a high paid? She frankly said, "No, there is no need. I will earn money by doing other work." (Some say the properties in your hands are a heavy burden to you?) I have sold a property, I don't know about the rest. I let my mother to handle completely." Mani Fok expressed Ah Gill has a stable income right now. Within her comeback this half year, she even received a 7-digit paid in one of the months.

[Singtao, K]


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