Friday, November 20, 2009

Charmaine Sheh might win TV Queen over Sheren Tang

Although Sheren Tang is the hot favorite for TV Queen and is supported by many, however, according to the inside information from TVB, the award is decided to give to Charmaine Sheh. The reason is because compared to Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung is still not experienced enough. So they rather let Charmaine win.

In addition, one of the angels of taste from "Foodie 2 Shoes", Pear, (GoGo Cheung) won first prize in the Anniversary gala, a total of 1 million dollars. Charmaine won second prize, 200 thousand dollars. Host Natalis Chan then teased Charmaine, "You won second prize, do you think you can win TV Queen?" But she ignored him and expressed she hopes her luck will level up next year and win first prize (she won third prize last year).

[Oriental Daily, K]


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