Thursday, November 12, 2009

(Her entire process of making cookies-like *CUPCAKES* LOL)

Stephy Tang was shooting her dessert cookbook cover and she disclosed the book will release next month. She also said rumored boyfriend Alex Fong already tried her cheesecake, which she is good at. Asked have Theresa Fu tried her cake before, Stephy said, "Probably have when we all lived together during the Cookies era." (Did she praised you?) "It was my first time making desserts, I don't remember." (Will you give your new book to her?) "I don't know whether she likes to make dessert or not. If she likes to, I'll give one to her." Said she was absent from the press conference for "Ultimate Song Presentation 2010" just to avoid Theresa, she explained, "I'm not avoiding her, I really didn't release any album nor song!"

[Mingpao, K]


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