Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justin Lo is booed for touching G.E.M

G.E.M's "18 LIVE 2009 Concert" attracted many fans including little kids. She showed off her skills in singing and dancing. Besides singing her own songs, she also sang songs by Jacky Cheung, Khalil Fong, etc.

Although she tried hard to get everyone moving, but the audience seemed quite dead most of the time. Several times after she talked, no one responded. She even said, "Wa, no response!" Same thing happened when said she wants to thank the person who picked her to sing in a commercial in the middle of the show. She immediately said, "Wa! No dead air please! Give me some response!" Almost to the end of the show, the audience finally seemed active and enthusiastic.

G.E.M invited Justin Lo as guest and he was booed by male fans when he kept touching G.E.M's cheeks, "Justin! Don't take advantage of her!" He sang out of tune when performing "30 Days". G.E.M supported Justin after the show, saying he was just playing with her.

[Mingpao, K]


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