Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kate Tsui is most admired by middle school students

Kate Tsui appeared in Metro's "Metro New Stars Show 2009" as a newcomer in the music industry. She won in the category of "Most Admired Newcomer by Middle School Students 2009" and took first place. The result surprised her and she said will keep on working hard. She then performed the classic, "明知故犯" but sang a little out of tune. She said she was pressured when all the newcomers lined up and sang one by one.

William Chan appeared as a senior and to support all the newcomers. He supports Alex Wu, who is also in EEG, and Kate Tsui. Eason Chan's junior, Keeva Mak, took second place, "Maybe I attended to many school events before so they had a chance to know me. I hope they will continue to support me!"

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